Make Your Outdoor Decor Stand Out

Make Your Outdoor Decor Stand OutIt’s time to enjoy the sunshine, the water, and the great outdoors! Is your backyard ready for summer? When it comes to summertime decor, make the most out of your backyard area by creating a space that’s both inviting and lively. After all, you’ll be stuck indoors once the cold winds start to blow again, so enjoy this lazy summer time while you have it! If you aren’t sure how to tie your outdoor decor together, take a look at some of these top tips.

  • Choose a color scheme and stick with it. An all-white outdoor space can look great if you think that you can keep it all very clean (just choose fabrics that can withstand weather and are simple to wash). If you go this route, make sure that everything from couch and chair cushions to umbrellas are the same shade of white. Not into white? Why not try something super tropical? Vibrant colors like orange, blue, yellow, and red are always inviting when there’s intense summer heat, and there’s no time like the summertime to experiment with these colors.
  • Think about patterns: stripes, chevron, and other patterns can be a lot of fun and bring a lot of life to an outdoor space. If you don’t have a lot of patterns inside of your home, why not try this fun idea outside? You can even mix and match patterns if you keep with the same basic motif (chevron and stripes, for example).
  • Stop thinking of your outdoor space as extra space, and start thinking of it as an extension of your home. If you treat an outdoor area like a room with no walls, you can start to imagine certain areas of that space – like a living room-type area with a couch and chair, or a dining room type area with a table and an umbrella. Bringing fabrics and items like couches into the mix will help with this basic concept.
  • Build a wall. It would be nice to have a large sprawling outdoor space, right? But most of us don’t have that kind of luxury. If you live in an urban area, you can still create a good amount of privacy by building a tall wall or fence to enclose your secret outdoor area. If this barrier is large enough, your neighbors shouldn’t be able to see above or into your space, and this will make everything a lot cozier.
  • Consider some natural touches – you’re outdoors after all! Things like wood and wicker can bring a nice and natural feel to any outdoor space. You can also add items like potted plants, some hanging lamps, and even a coffee table or other item that you might reserve for indoors. All it really takes to make an outdoor space amazing is some imagination.
  • Think about adding some water features. Sometimes, a nice soothing fountain can be just the thing that you need to kick back and relax. Or, you can add a pool or other larger water feature to your home. Already have a pool? Why not add a slide or a fountain to the pool area? Water is naturally calming too, so you can really escape when you relax in your new outdoor area.

Getting Some Help With Outdoor Landscaping

A yard is only as magical as the things that surround it. So if your yard has seen better days or could benefit from something like a few new trees or some flowers to really set the space apart, call Mill Brothers in Colorado today for some landscaping help. We’d love to help you turn your outdoor area into an extension of your home!