Landcare & Maintenance

We provide landcare, not landscape maintenance.

That’s what makes us different from other landscape maintenance companies. Anyone can mow grass, but not everyone takes a personal interest in the properties they service. Our team gets to know the land we’re caring for. We develop an understanding of the vision it represents; to the property owners, managers, and renters. Because, when the grounds are properly cared for, the property leaves a lasting impression on everyone who sees it and remains in demand.

Best of all, you receive responsive service from landcare professionals. Our experienced team identifies issues before they become problems. We know how to control disease and prevent pest infestations, so you don’t have to make expensive replacements. Our proactive approach has proven successful at reducing complaints, concerns, and headaches; for all stakeholders.

Your surroundings deserve to be protected.

You’ve invested in your landscape. Now, it’s time to safeguard that investment by hiring a commercial landcare company with a proven process. We are just that company; an organization with more than 35 years of experience providing prompt and proactive landcare and commercial landscape services and maintenance in Fort Collins.

We know how demanding property boards of directors can be with property managers. Our processes are designed to minimize conflict and stay proactive to solve issues as they start to arise.

In Fort Collins and Northern Colorado, we have seen the multi-billion dollar, Wall Street owned companies come and go. Buying out privately held companies or saturating the market with discounted pricing, all the while over-promising and under-delivering. Many boards of directors and property managers have experienced this. Mill Brothers has been in the Fort Collins market for over 35 years, reinvesting everything back into our community. We live here, our children go to school here, and we remain committed to our community and believe the best service will always be available when we buy services that are local.

We believe in relationships and partnering; to provide the level of service that is right for your properties. When specifications are drawn up for a project, and a contractor prepares an estimate based on the specifications, the visual expectation may not always align. We seek relationships that are open to fine tuning of cost adjustments that do align with visual expectations. We also believe that water management is a very large part of any projects’ budget and that any successful relationship has to measure how effective the water management practices are in overall cost to an association. We invest heavily into our water managers and demand constant adjustments are made as the season progresses. Not too wet, not too dry, the just right approach. Our account managers and water managers all have suggestion and upgrades to increase the water efficiency on your project. We are, and will always look at ways to conserve on water costs so these dollars can help with the cost to make these improvements.

Let’s face it, water prices will not go down. They will only continue to trend upwards as our Front Range population continues to grow. Efficient irrigation products have come a long way from systems that were put in, as little as ten years ago. We are here to help with our knowledge, expertise to conserve water and help our clients with a long-term solution to ever rising water costs.

Our landcare/landscaping services and maintenance include:

● Turf care and lawn care: Mowing, weed control, fertilization, aeration, edging, and spring and fall clean-ups

● Irrigation: Monthly management, repairs, activation, winterization, raw water and pump systems, irrigation audits, backflow testing, and Smart (ET) Controllers

● Plant care: Annual planting, pruning, tree trimming, perennial maintenance, and replacement planting

● Value added–water saving options

● Integrated pest management (IPM) strategies

● Landscape enhancement suggestions

● Snow removal

Regardless of the services we perform for your property, we will take a vested interest; ensuring your surroundings positively reflects you.

At Mill Brothers, we create experiences that last and that are just right for our customers. We find inspiration in our customers and that’s why we take the time to develop a personal relationship with each and everyone. We want to capture your visions and bring them to life. We are here to serve, protect and enhance your property values.

Based out of Fort Collins, Mill Brother’s commercial landscaping services provide year round maintenance solutions for homes both big and small.