Simple Lawn Care Tips

Most people would like to have a picture perfect lawn, but it’s hard to know where to start. How do you make your grass green? What about landscaping? Where do you begin with that? If you are just starting to pay attention to your lawn, or have a new lawn to play with, now’s the season to begin making that lawn perfect! Take a look at our top simple lawn care tips. Simple Lawn Care Tips

  • Learn about the soil that you have. There’s a reason why some parts of the world produce excellent produce and other parts of the world are known for excellent wine – it all has to do with the type of soil available. Your soil might not be the same as your neighbors, and soil can even fluctuate according to where it is on your property. Testing your soil is as simple as getting a small test kit from your local hardware store and following the instructions. Once you learn what kind of soil you have, you will be able to better determine how to to treat it.
  • Sod or hand seed. If you have the money to spend, you can place sod on your lawn all around, which will kickstart your lawn and create a greener space. But, sod can be expensive if you have a lot of area to cover. If you don’t want to spend money on sod, the other option is to hand-seed your space. Ask at your local hardware store about hydroseeding, which is a technique that’s quite popular with industrial farmers.
  • Learn when to cut your lawn. It’s not necessary to cut your lawn every week. In fact, cutting your lawn too short will not promote a green and lush lawn. Instead of cutting the law as short as possible, place the mower on the highest setting, so that the lawn is not cut too short, which can cause burning and other problems. Let your lawn grow slightly tall, and then cut the grass using only the highest setting.
  • Fertilize your lawn in spring and fall. Using a fertilizer that is rich in iron, copper, and sulfur is the best way to go. Most people skip the fertilizer step, but a lawn needs nutrients just like people and flowers do. Before you cut or water or add anything to your lawn, spread some fertilizer over the area, and let it seep into your lawn before doing anything else.
  • Water your lawn once per week, and make sure that you are watering the roots of your grass deep enough. This means analyzing your soil to determine what kind of soil that you have, and then watering according to soil type. The trick is to water deep into the roots, so that your entire lawn gets an adequate amount of water.
  • Let your lawn breathe. A lot of people make the mistake of putting tents and other pieces of furniture on a lawn all summer long. Once you remove those items, the grass underneath the lawn will become coarse and dry. You can repair this grass, but it will take extra effort. Let your lawn breathe once in a while by moving furniture around and not leaving an item like a tent on your lawn for a long time.

A Lot of Work!

Lawns are a lot of work. If you don’t have the time or energy to spend on your lawn every week or weekend, consider hiring the professional landscaping crew at Mill Brothers. We are experts when it comes to lawn care, and there’s no time like the present to start prepping your perfect lawn. Call us to book a consultation appointment today!